Email Cyber Security



Email Cyber Security Training

Study method: Online, self-paced

Duration: 20 Hours

CPD Points: Not linked


Simplify complex technical terms and process to have a better understanding of day to day operations and security threats. Also concentrate on employee and self awareness on the latest scams and threats. A must for every employee!


The following modules will be discussed in this course.

  1. Introduction to emails.
  2. Types of email accounts.
  3. Email Header and Body structure.
  4. Email address structure.
  5. Reading email Header Properties.
  6. IP Address and your location.
  7. Email spoofing and how it works.
  8. Selecting your virus protection.
  9. Minimize incoming PHISHING emails.
  10. Types of MALWARE.
  11. Suspicious email warning signs.
  12. Data files, and how emails store them.
  13. Common file types and their extensions.
  14. Dangerous file types and formats.
  15. URL, FTP, Network and Cloud Storage.
  17. How SPAM work and purpose.
  18. Email Confidentiality Disclaimers
  19. GDPR, HIPAA and Company compliance.